Feather, Fur & Fin Camp

At Feather, Fur, and Fin camp, we help instill a deep connection and love of nature by getting the kids down in the mud to scoop up crayfish, gently handle frogs, and ease over logs to find salamanders. Sandy river banks will help us track possums, and the soft soil of the forest will show us where the deer have been. Animal forms like “deer ears” and “fox walking” will help your child embody their forest friends, giving them the skills needed to spot creatures that they may never have seen before. Children will also get the opportunity to play animal based games to learn more about why wild animals do what they do!

Feather, Fur, & Fin is a general camp broadly organized around the theme of wildlife, and mentors may also bring in Two Coyotes’ other core interest areas depending on the direction of the group.

Your child will:

  • Explore with wonder and curiosity
  • Develop resilience and adaptability
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment through doing
  • Cultivate empathy and connection to people and nature
  • Gain courage to try new things and challenges
  • Cultivate patience and serenity
  • Engage the body to be active and alive
  • Deepen feelings of gratitude

Once a program fills, please join the waitlist. We will do our best to open an additional session based on demand. Learn more about scholarships and payment plan options.

Summer 2024 Dates

Registration opens Feb 16th!
Name Ages Location Time Date(s) Price
Feather, Fur & Fin 5-8 Newtown 9-3 July 29-Aug 2, 2024 $405
Feather, Fur & Fin 9-14 Newtown 9-3 July 29-Aug 2, 2024 $405
Feather, Fur & Fin 5-8 Granby 9-3 July 22-26, 2024 $405
Feather, Fur & Fin 9-14 Granby 9-3 July 22-26, 2024 $405