Here is what others have to say about the magic of Two Coyotes.

Katie, parent

Two Coyotes has been a life saver for us. It’s given me back my happy, cheerful, enthusiastic kid and I couldn’t be more grateful. The program has been invaluable to my son and our family. It’s our favorite day of the week!

When I see my son come out of the woods at Two Coyotes I see his spirit alive. I see the boy he’s meant to be and all the amazing possibilities that lie ahead. It’s exciting.

Two Coyotes is truly an incredible program. The wealth of knowledge, degrees and expertise possessed by the staff is top notch. Yet everyone is so humble. They are warm, welcoming, patient and nurturing. All the wonderful qualities necessary to empower children to be all they can be. The staff have become like family to us and it’s evident how much they care for my child.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this program and staff. Two Coyotes is the perfect environment to complement what children learn in school and prepare them for life. My son’s soul dances at Two Coyotes. And there’s a level of acceptance that’s unparalleled elsewhere.

Vicky, parent

I have seen a lot of positive changes in Marty since he began coming to your programs. He even told me that when he’s at Two Coyotes he is the (in his words) “most like the me I want to be.” I could not ask for a better place for him. He is willing to try out social aspects of himself there, that he is afraid to do in his public school. These things may be trivial to some, but for me, they show his level of confidence and acceptance he has while he’s there.

Thank you for creating such an amazing place where kids feel free to be themselves with love and support!

Kate, parent

In June, my daughters Ella & Zoe attended a weeklong camp program facilitated by Two Coyotes Wilderness School at Sticks and Stones Farm. Their experience was exceptional. Their co-instructors engaged them in ways that opened new pathways of understanding that connected them to the richness of nature and the profound teachings that this connection can bring. Each evening they were excited about what they had been involved with… finding plants, making a healing salve, building structure, listening to stories, creating a dream catcher. They were really disappointed when Friday came and wanted to know why they couldn’t go for the rest of the summer. It is rare to have them be so consistently engaged, excited and responsive to educational experiences. Keep up the good work!

Wildwood parent

I have three picky boys and they all LOVE Wildwood. It blows my mind that I dropped them off in 20 degree weather in February and they were outside the entire day, HAPPY and exhausted at pickup. I feel this program delivers what every parent wants: good old-fashioned imaginative play in the great outdoors. I can’t say enough about the staff who execute their roles (a cross between acting and teaching) with the utmost authenticity and enthusiasm.

Kristie, parent

All 3 of my boys look forward every week to their day at Two Coyotes. They come home dirty, tired and happy. Initially, they share very little about their day, I realize that is because it’s their own experience and they don’t want to put into words immediately. But every so often they will sing the sweetest song, tell an amazing story or use a great skill, when I ask about it they tell me its from their Two Coyotes program. That’s enough for me to keep sending them back.

Summer Camp parent

Griffin came home after the 2nd day and said, “Mom, this camp is opening me up to a whole new way of life.”

Joni, parent

Thank you for giving Grant and Skylar a memorable experience on the overnight. They are happy, exhausted, and full of stories to tell. This is the stuff of which good childhood memories are made.

School year parent

My children have gone to Two Coyotes programs for several years (they started as Pups and Wild Seeds and are now both Black Foxes). They both have grown to have a deep appreciation of nature and other people. They have gained skills that are not typically taught in school, but are vital to help them for now and in their future lives.

Tammy, parent

A sincere thank you to all the staff members at Two Coyotes at Holcomb Farm in Granby. Spencer can’t stop talking about what an amazing day he had. He was the dirtiest I have seen him yet, which is saying A LOT. Apparently the dirtier they are, the more fun they have had! I can’t imagine letting my son cover his entire body with mud WHILE fully clothed. And that is exactly why I cherish his time with you. Thank you so much for providing my son with such an enriching, magical experience. Can’t wait until next week.

School year grandparent

Our granddaughter, Abby, already an independent and confident young person, entered Two Coyotes, Black Foxes, Winter Session with mild hesitation, not knowing what to expect or if she would enjoy what the program had to offer. When we picked her up after the first day, sporting rosy checks and a brilliant smile she barely took a breath while animatedly describing the events of the day. It was pure joy. After completing the Winter Session she had weathered the frigid cold, built fires, made ice rafts, enjoyed birch tea with her friends in the snow, absorbed the splendor of nature and found herself stronger, more independent and found a sense of self; self-reliance and confidence that will carry with her far into adulthood. We couldn’t be more grateful to have found Two Coyotes and look forward to a long and lasting relationship.

Terrie, parent

Oh my gosh, Matthew had the BEST time yesterday. I knew he would once he got there but WOW! I can’t tell you what we went through with the lead up to this. He told me that this was his favorite thing, that in most camps you learn one thing in a week but here you learn about 20 things in an hour. I also think it gave him some renewed confidence that he got through it and enjoyed it.

Kathy, grandparent

Coyote Pups was a very special experience for me as a grandmother, getting to spend hours each week out in nature with my 3 year old grand-daughter.

Vicki, parent

For me, Two Coyotes was so much more than just a wilderness nature program. It is mindful and incorporated indigenous songs and story. Julia’s life was forever changed by the program. She attended a 6 hour program every Tuesday this past Fall. Her confidence and willingness to take risks soared. Her love for nature and all its inhabitants swelled. I plan on always having Two Coyotes in our family’s life.

Erin, parent

My son left camp every day with a huge smile on his face. He told me that his counselors were amazing, fun, and positive, even when they were asking him to listen more carefully or redirect his actions. He said he felt like he belonged there. As the parent of a child who often gets reprimanded in school for not being able to “control his body” and sit still, or who exhibits curiosity beyond what is acceptable in a traditional classroom, I am grateful for this camp experience. Two Coyotes honors my child where he is, and the counselors met him there. I will not hesitate to recommend it to other parents or to send my own child to every program that fits in our schedule.

Gina, parent

I’d like you to know that Glenn & I feel incredibly blessed that the universe brought Two Coyotes into Jack’s life. Learning about the wilderness, connecting with the earth, challenging himself to stretch and grow, and discovering the incredible care and support of a mentor – all of this has been life changing for Jack. Jack has his struggles – I suppose we all do – he’s just encountered them at a younger age than many of us do. Even as a little boy he was very much an old soul. I cannot even begin to tell you how much happier he is since becoming involved with Two Coyotes. It’s as though he has finally found “his people.” Your presence in our life is truly a gift. Thank you.

Annabelle, Pups parent

Sailor Rose loved it! She enjoyed meeting new friends and getting dirty in nature. I felt very comfortable and confident in the skills of all the staff, especially Stephanie, who led our group. I myself learned some valuable information about nature and important survival/wilderness skills. I would love a group for grown ups!

Ginnie, parent

I just want to reiterate that the instructors have impressed me so much with their enthusiasm, creativity and ability to inspire the children (as well as being great at dealing with their various needs and issues with each other). I recommend this program wholeheartedly, and hope that many of you will consider this program for your own children.

Summer camp parent

Sam has been attending Two Coyote camp for three years now. He loves it and goes to almost every camp they hold in Granby. I hear wonderful stories about the critters they catch in the river, tromping through the woods and how much Sam loves his counselors. I recommend this camp to anyone who has a child that loves nature. There is nothing better then picking them up, dirty and tired but thoroughly happy at the end of the day.

Jenny, parent

You would have been proud to see the boys on our hike the other day. They showed me Solomon’s Seal and False Solomon’s Seal; pointed out the differences; dug up the root and showed me the colors (and brought it home and ate the right one); talked about dwarf ginseng (Emerson licked his lips), spotted sassafras, chives, and garlic mustard…



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