Use your outside voice!

We’ve shared what you can expect from us throughout the website and are always happy to answer your questions. We thrive on the stories and experiences of people of all ages in our programs. In order for a child to be safe and successful and get the most out of their time with Two Coyotes, there are some expectations that help us create the amazing experiences families grow to love.

If anything on the list below seems a stretch or a new skill for your child, please reach out to us before you enroll. Together we can plan the best approach for you. Contact Steph at programs@twocoyotes.org, or speak to your child’s nature mentor if something comes up during the program.

For everyone’s safety, we ask that children in our drop-off programs be able to do:

  • Follow directions– this is the most important part of our program as we are together as a group in the beautiful, wild, wilderness. All participants need to be able and willing to follow our instructions at all times and not usurp the attention of our staff who need to be available to everyone. We often create a Code of Conduct with the children on the first day to creates ownership and community right from the start!
  • Be willing to share and communicate: Something awesome happen? We want to hear about it! Something challenging going on between you and someone else, or within yourself, we want to hear that, too. We aim to gain the trust of the children and hope they will share with us their questions, concerns, and gems. We often have talking circles and practice non-violent communication so sharing is so valuable and an important piece to creating a safe container for everyone.
  • Be open and accepting and respectful of me and others’ perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Be ready to be away from a parent or caregiver– We know for some this is their first time away from mom or dad and we’re honored you chose us! We ask that you speak with your child ahead of time so they are prepared and willing to have a great, independent day with our caring staff.
  • Be able to use the bathroom solo, indoors, or in the wilderness, by themselves. Everybody poops. ๐Ÿ™‚ Most of our locations do not have indoor plumbing so we teach the very real survival skill of “going in the woods”. Kids need to be willing to learn how to do this and be able to aim, wipe, and burry their treasures, with our instruction but not our hands-on help. Of course, we are there for accidents but for the safety of everyone, kids need to be willing to embrace this skill.
  • Carry their gear all day: When you register you get a detailed packing list. We recommend a backpack filled with various gear to be successful in the woods all day. We often leave bags at a home-base and venture off from there, but it could be a 30-minute walk to get there. Kids need to have their bags packed in a way that enables them to carry what they need. Please do a test run at home.
  • Lunch containers children can open: Seems like a small thing, but to protect the children and our staff, kids should be able to open their lunch containers.
Coyote Howl image by S.Niles