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Welcome to Two Coyotes Wilderness School! We are a nonprofit nature mentoring organization in Connecticut that connects people to nature, community, and self.

Each year, Two Coyotes reaches close to 500 students of all ages through our school year, child & caregiver, rites of passage, mentor-in-training, and summer camp programs. In 2023, we gave away nearly $100,000 in scholarships! We depend on your support to strengthen Two Coyotes as we grow and to ensure that our programs are accessible, welcoming, and inclusive to all children and families in our state.

Giving For Future Generations

At Two Coyotes Wilderness School, we provide long-term, nature-based mentoring to help young people thrive and navigate the many stages of their lives. Our mentors help children understand who they are, what their gifts are, and how to bring them into the world in ways that honor reciprocity and inclusion.

Two Coyotes’ mission goes deeper than environmental education for youth. Through our programs, we seek to raise future ancestors who are whole, healthy beings that embody their interconnection with nature, foster caring community, and who are committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive world for the next generation. For more than 20 years, we have seen the profound effects of Two Coyotes’ mentorship on the young people who have grown up in our community. We are proud that our next generation is stepping into adulthood as: 

  • Fierce protectors of the Earth, driven by a deep love for the natural world, cultivated during hundreds of hours playing outside in streams, chasing frogs, building shelters, and struggling with fire. 
  • Committed community-builders, rooted in the knowing of how it feels to be seen, accepted, and to truly belong, who now seek to create that for others wherever they land next – whether in a job, social circle, or new school.
  • Conscious leaders who know their own gifts and how to work with others to make a positive impact in their relationships and their communities.

Two Coyotes depends on the generosity of our community to continue this important work. Given that our funding comes primarily from program tuition, we are committed to expanding our fundraising capacity and diversifying revenue streams in order to achieve goals that invest in the organization’s long-term sustainability and fullness of our mission without raising the cost of our programs. Please share our story with your personal network and invite them to make a gift today!

We are proud of the teens in our community who are applying what they’ve learned at Two Coyotes to make a positive impact in their own backyard. Read more in Charlotte’s story.

Ways to Give

Make a donation through our CampBrain platform here.

– Mail a check to PO Box 711, Monroe, CT 06468

– Find us on PayPal under or Venmo @twocoyotes

– Have land? We love the land we operate our programs out of and are grateful to the occupants that share them with us. We dream of one day having a permanent home of our own. If you know of land that might be right for Two Coyotes in CT, email