About Two Coyotes

Welcome to Two Coyotes Wilderness School. Founded in 2000, Two Coyotes is a non-profit nature mentoring organization that connects people to nature, community, and self. Our programs nurture:

Character Development

We help students to identify and refine their gifts, values, and purpose while instilling values such as respect, service, creativity, integrity, and gratitude. Through wilderness challenges, students have an opportunity to explore their own inner wildness while overcoming challenges and unlocking gifts.

Community Health

Our programs create intergenerational opportunities to strengthen community by creating relationships between families, elders, and local stakeholders. We are dedicated to sustainable living practices that support families living in harmony with the natural world, and their local and global community.

Deep Nature Connection

While traditional environmental education focuses on knowledge-based learning, our programs focus on developing emotional connection through experiences in the natural world. We believe that the drive to protect the natural world comes from a deep appreciation and love for nature. By eating wild plants, fishing, tending fires, sleeping under the stars, and learning how to make a fire by rubbing sticks together, our students cultivate a deep connection to nature and a stewardship ethic as well as awareness of those that walked the land before us.