Board of Directors

Sailors used the north star to navigate home. It guided their way across unknown oceans. Our Directors help us to stay on track and to find the way to our vision of a healthier more connected future. They ensure the longevity of the school so it will be able to serve our community for generations to come.

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Angela Cusicanqui

Herman Davenport

Tom Evans

Esme Miano

Hyperion Çaca Yvaire

Hyperion Çaca Yvaire is an Atakapa Ishak and Sea Kréyòl father, Field Cosmologist, sovereign poet, and kinmaker. His sculptural and sonic work explores the afterlives and aftershocks of collision through investigating administrative, legislative, and wave phenomena. As a territorial researcher, he is interested in the matter resulting from the collision of materials, practices, and claims. When this matter is spatial and tangible, he refers to it as a ruin, when it is spatial and intangible, he refers to it as an afterlife. As a {forensic performance} artist, he is interested in what material effect is possible when a collective practice of alternative claim making is brought to a planetary scale. His practice is aimed at the eradication of Indigenous-settler divisions, White Supremacy, and Christian personhood’s grip over humans and nonhumans alike.

Çaca holds an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University and currently serves as the Community Conservation Co-Director at Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust.

Staff Representatives

There is one seat on the board to be filled by a rotating staff representative.