Board of Directors

Sailors used the north star to navigate home. It guided their way across unknown oceans. Our Directors help us to stay on track and to find the way to our vision of a healthier more connected future. They ensure the longevity of the school so it will be able to serve our community for generations to come.

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Tom Case


Growing up in a small New England town in NH, Tom was given the gift of a childhood spent exploring the outdoors. From back yard forts to wandering old forgotten forest trails, Tom made a deep and lasting connection to the natural world. Often muted by higher education, career, and the demands of 20/21st century American life, Tom’s passion for the natural world was rekindled when he sought to give the same gift of nature to his two sons. Looking for a community that embraced the “wild within” and “deep nature connection” Tom and his boys soon gravitated to Two Coyotes.  Seeing the transformational impact Two Coyotes programming had on his family, Tom joined the Board of Directors in 2015 to lend his voice to the growing chorus of those who believe, as Thoreau did, that “In Wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Tom lives in Wilton, CT with his wife and two sons, has degrees in Sociology and Non-Violent Conflict and Change and works professionally as a Cyber Security Expert.

Herman Davenport

Board Member


Bill Donaldson


Bill enthusiastically joined the board of Two Coyotes in November of 2015 and currently serves as treasurer. His son’s passion and enthusiasm for summer camps and other Two Coyotes programs reawakened his own passion for nature and the outdoors. “I have seen first-hand the impact that direct contact with nature has with both children and adults and it is an honor and privilege to help grow the organization and bring the amazing experience of nature connection to more people.”  In his “day job” Bill is a financial advisor in private practice in Westport, CT. His favorite thing to do is to spend time in Vermont with his family.

Marissa Donnelly

Board Member

Marc Michaelson


Marc is passionate about the nature mentoring work of Two Coyotes – and is both a parent and student of the program. Marc lived and worked in Africa for 7 years, and has spent the past 20 years as a teacher, administrator, and curriculum design leader at a charter school network. “For my kids (and our family), time at Two Coyotes has been transformative –  a chance to develop our humanity and deepen our connection to the vast web of life in our backyard.  As a Board Member, I’m excited to help Two Coyotes grow and flourish and expand its programs throughout our community.” 

Chastity Rodriguez, MEd LMFT

Board Member

My education and experience combines to create a skilled and compassionate listener and facilitator of space where people feel safe to examine their current unconscious beliefs and practices and to curate new conscious connections within themselves and with others.

In addition to my work as an upper school counselor at a predominantly white independent day school, I am a trainer/facilitator/coach specializing in identity development, systems analysis, cultural humility, anti-racism, and embodiment practices. I joined the board because I want to work with a group of people who are committed to making the world a better place and Two Coyotes Wilderness School does just that.


Staff Representatives

There are two staff seats on the board to be filled by the Executive Director and a rotating staff representative.