Connected Coyotes

Two Coyotes transitioned all in-person programs to online in March. Since then, our team has built incredible experience in how to design engaging programs that connect youth to nature in their own backyards, whether they live in urban, rural, or suburban areas. Check out sample content on our YouTube channel.

The focus of our classes is always to get offline and outside!

Students also have access to an interactive platform so they can share their projects and nature discoveries with their friends & mentors between calls.

As with any Two Coyotes program, scholarships are available. Please apply for a scholarship when you register for the course. Contact Nancy at if you are registering within one week of the program start date to ensure a prompt reply.

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Wild Animal Art (5 – 8)

With live morning and afternoon group calls and pre-recorded video lessons, mentors Rainbow & Andy will guide you through a variety of art projects and movement practices as you make, embody, and become an ally to wild animals! Weekly classes from Tuesday, May 19th through Tuesday, June 16th. Sign up for one, or all 5. This course will deepen your awareness and connection to the animals you see and hear around you.

Learn more & register here.

Wild Art (8 – 17)

With live morning and afternoon group calls and pre-recorded video lessons, mentors Rainbow & Andy will guide you as you make your own art materials and learn how to use them in drawing, painting, sculpture, and more! Weekly on Thursdays from May 21st through Thursday, June 18th. Sign up for one, or all 5.

Learn more & register here.

Frogs Make Me Hoppy! (3 – 12)

Learn about the life cycle of frogs, how to make a frog puppet, songs from around the world and how to bring your puppet to life in this class with Adelka Polak, professional puppeteer and actor from Sova Theater.

This course is a three-week series on Monday mornings at 11am, beginning June 1st.

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“The Rabbit and the Moon” Storytelling & Puppet-making (8+)

Go on a scavenger hunt to find elements of nature to create your own unique puppet creations and tell the ancient story of The Rabbit and the Moon with the guidance of Adelka Polak, professional puppeteer and actor from Sova Theater. Try out movement and storytelling techniques, puppetry tips, and character development in this exciting class.

This course is a three-week series beginning Friday June 5th, with live calls at 10 & 2 to share with your community of puppeteers.

Learn more & register here.

“Curious Creatures” Puppetry (3-12)

Explore local creatures who may be in your own backyard through the art of puppetry by learning various techniques and styles for this playful & educational art form, taught by Adelka Polak. Our puppets will depict various creatures, including frogs, butterflies, caterpillars, bees and so much more! Participants will learn how to make their own puppets from items that you may be able to find around the house, but a suggested materials list will be emailed to you when you sign up. After making your own puppet participants will learn movement techniques to bring our creations to life, singing and dancing along the way.

This course is a three-week series that meets Wednesdays at both 10am and 2pm, beginning June 3rd.

Learn more & register here.

Stepping into My Power (13 – 17)

Facilitated by mentor Justin Pegnataro, join a circle of teens as we share about what is going on in our lives, support each other and go on a journey to cultivate our superpowers.

This is a weekly course that takes place on Tuesday afternoons from May 26th – June 30th. There will be group calls at 1pm and 5pm, with independent activities in between.

Learn more & register here.

Stoking Your Inner Fire (Adults)

Facilitated by mentor Justin Pegnataro, join a circle of adults who seek to live a vibrant and full life. Go on adventures through your inner wilderness to bring back your fire and share its warmth and light with your village.

This a weekly course that takes place on Wednesday evenings from May 27th – June 24th. There will be a group call from 7:30-9pm, with assignments between weekly meetings.

Learn more & register here.

Feedback from our families so far:

“My kid is spending more time in our yard today than in the last 2 weeks put together. She’s engaged, excited, filled with a sense of purpose. YAY!”

“Yesterday went remarkably well. My kids spent about 4 hours independently playing and exploring in the woods.”

“Our kids really appreciated the chance to connect with mentors (even over Zoom) and friends, and they both got very excited by their tasks for the day.  It has motivated them to go out and observe Fred (their new squirrel friend) and they created a habitat for a dinosaur egg (underneath our Japanese maple).”

“I have to say, this class (Wild Art) is fantastic! We are so inspired & it’s truly ignited our creative fires that were needing a little stoking. We are so grateful 2 Coyotes is offering this!”

“Listening to the exciting stories from my teens upon their return from their Connected Coyotes wilderness adventures behind our house has been such a positive in all of the current change.  Lesson plans in hand, my girls have been able to use the nature and observation skills they’ve gained over the years to empower and challenge themselves and push their own edges.  They have grown so much in their skills and independence the last few weeks and have been motivated to keep pushing.  Thank you!”