Leadership Team

Leadership is about service to the community. While the magic of our mentoring happens in the forest, there is a team of servant leaders that work behind the screens to bring the magic of our programs to kids and our communities.  Those leaders work with parents, our staff team, board members, and elders to co-create the mission of Two Coyotes.



Justin Pegnataro

Executive Director

Justin is a leader and visionary who believes that nature and the human soul are the two things that can help us to find healing and to unlock our personal genius. His experiences living primitively in the forests of Bethany, CT and living for five-years “off the grid” in a yurt have been foundational in experiencing the wildness of nature and how essential it is to our vitality.  Justin has been blessed with meeting many mentors and elders that have helped to guide his path and teach him the importance of rites of passage for our youth.  Justin’s mission is to help guide people to find their highest purpose and personal power.

“Justin Pegnataro, Executive Director of Two Coyotes Wilderness School in Newtown, CT, is one of the most sensitive and effective nature educators (no, make that life educators) that I’ve met.  I wish my boys were young enough to attend his school”
-Richard Louv
Best Selling Author of Last Child in the Woods


Nancy Miano

Business Director

Nancy became part of the Two Coyotes community in 2010 when her two daughters joined the program. Her children then were 5 and 10 years old. Over the years her children have participated in the homeschool, Rangers and summer camp programs. Her oldest daughter moved up to an assistant instructor during last years summer program.

In 2014 Nancy joined Two Coyotes Wilderness School as the bookkeeper and office manager. She currently handles all financial duties including scholarships, payment plans and registrations. Please feel free to contact her with any questions. email: info@twocoyotes.org



Stephanie Niles

Program Director

Steph’s love of nature stemmed from countless hours spent in the woods as a child growing up in CT and her deep connection to the wilderness as a young adult living in North Carolina, South Carolina and the high desert of southern Utah.   She is now mom to three little environmentalists and teaches art in the home school community.   Steph holds an art degree from the University of South Carolina where she focused in art education and photography.   Stephanie works behind the scenes to help connect families to nature and keep the programs staffed and running smoothly.  She also shares her wonderment and love of nature with the children in the Two Coyotes family as a camp director in the summer and an instructor during the school year.  email: programs@twocoyotes.org.