COVID-19 Program Updates

We hold dear all individuals and families affected by COVID-19. As CT is no longer considered in “a state of emergency” with COVID, we are re-assessing how we can safely bring our community back together in ways that we’ve missed during the pandemic. We will continue to closely monitor announcements made by public health officials and to adjust our policies as recommendations evolve. Below are details of how we are planning to move forward based on the most current information. We will email enrolled families with significant updates that affect your programs. In the meantime, please check this page for periodic updates.

What policies are in place to safeguard children from COVID-19?

Policies for current programs are below and a link to this page will be sent in your confirmation email when you register. These are subject to change depending on evolving recommendations from state and federal health officials. Please contact with any questions. 

Basic protocols include:

> No masks required. If we go inside due to the weather, masks are optional for adults and children. We suggest packing a few masks in your child’s backpack in case they are needed.

> Individuals are encouraged to keep 3 foot distance, especially while eating.

> We have hand sanitizer available for before & after eating, high contact games, or using the bathroom, and to clean shared items or high touch surfaces.

> We follow CDC guidelines around quarantine and isolation (see more specific scenarios below).

People may attend our programs if:

> They have Covid-like symptoms but test negative and/or have a doctor’s note attesting that symptoms are not Covid-related (i.e. allergies or other benign, non-contagious symptoms), regardless of vaccination status. If they choose not to test, then they may attend 10 days after the onset of symptoms.

> They are a vaccinated person who is exposed to Covid (you should still get tested at least 5 days after the exposure).

> They were exposed to Covid more than 5 days ago and tested positive but either have no symptoms or are now fever free for more than 24 hours and symptoms are improving. They must wear a mask until 10 days after exposure.

> They have tested positive for Covid in the past 90 days with a viral test and have recovered; unless they were exposed to Covid again and have developed symptoms.

People may not attend our programs if:

> They are an unvaccinated person who was exposed to Covid – They must stay home for at least 5 days and get tested regardless of symptoms. They may not return without a negative test and must wear a mask until 10 days after exposure.

> They have had Covid-like symptoms for less than 10 days, regardless of vaccination status or exposure, have not been tested, nor do they have a doctor’s note attesting that symptoms are not related to Covid (e.g. allergies).

What will you do if you find out a child or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19?

We will notify families of children that may have been in contact with that person.

Is there a way that I can support Two Coyotes at this time?

Yes! Our team is incredibly grateful for all who have sent words of encouragement and concern, and donations that have kept our staff and the organization stable. Your donations, along with federal support, have enabled our team to keep our mission alive in new, safe formats since the start of this pandemic.

You can make a gift today to help ensure the long-term financial stability of Two Coyotes. You can also provide scholarships so that no child is turned away from a program this year. Make a donation here.

Updated July 29, 2022.