Woodland Arts Camp

Come and experiment with nature’s pallet of colors, shapes, and textures, and be inspired by her beauty and diversity at Woodland Arts Camp. The earth’s creativity is endless. Our artistic expression will explore old-fashioned crafts and skills like basket making, coal-burned spoons, crafting wild herbs into salves, making cordage, and felting. Other creative projects may include drawing, painting, twig weaving, journaling, poetry, sun prints, natural sculpture, pottery, and more. To add a flourish to our creative inspirations, we’ll add in songs and nature games that will help hone all of our senses. Join us and discover your own artistic voice using materials found in nature!

Skills your child will learn:

  • Fine motor skills requiring practice and focus
  • Identifying plants, trees, and animal tracks
  • Discovering the patterns and designs in nature
  • Knife & tool skills (age-appropriate)
  • Increased awareness of one’s senses
  • Recognizing the different qualities of the elements
  • Building stronger connections to oneself & nature
  • Appreciation and respect for others
  • Discovery of one’s creative expression
  • Determination, patience, and perseverance


Summer 2019 Dates

Coming Soon!