Wildwood Apprentices Camp

Wildwood Apprentices train to gain the knowledge and skill required to follow the trails of the creatures of the forest. Apprentices learn to use body and mind to work individually and as a team to help protect the creatures of the magical kingdom of Wildwood. Apprentices will train with padded boffer sword drills, obstacle courses and scouting challenges to build the mental and physical awareness to move in tandem with the wilderness and navigate what it means to be a hero. 

Skills your child will learn:    

  • Patience, focus and impulse control  
  • Good sportsmanship and teamwork 
  • Awareness of their environment 
  • Sense of accomplishment 
  • Resilience and adaptability  
  • Empathy and thoughtfulness through service and helpfulness  
  • Courage to try new things and challenges  
  • Patience and serenity  
  • Engaging the body to be active and alive

2020 Dates

Join us for Wildwood Weekends from September – May in Newtown & Granby! The 2020 Camp schedule will be posted in February.