Wildwood Adventurers Camp

From the eyes of a child, the world is filled with magic. Wildwood Adventures is an imaginary journey into the kingdom of Wildwood: a place of castles, fairies, goblins and adventure! These young adventurers embark on heroic quests to help their kingdom. One day they might be sent to find the wintergreen flower at the top of thunder mountain to cure the Queen’s headache, or to free a fairy from a mean troll.

Wildwood Adventurers is a companion program to Wildwood Rangers. While the program is similar, it is designed for younger children and does not have a boffer sword fighting component.

Skills your child will learn:

  • Imagination and a sense of magic
  • Sharing and working with others
  • Exploration and adventure
  • Service and helpfulness
  • Feeling active and alive in the body
  • Sense of accomplishment

2020 Dates

Join us for Wildwood Weekends from September – May in Newtown & Granby! The 2020 Camp schedule will be posted in February.