Scout Tracker Camp

This advanced course teaches the skills of the Native American scouts.  In many south western tribes the scouts were protectors who served as the eyes and ears of the people.  They learned from an early age the art of stealth and martial arts.  They also were taught to be aware of their surroundings and how to track both people and animals.  Over the course of this camp, students will learn how to become invisible in the woods, they will sneak out on exciting missions and learn how track wildlife.  On Thursday evening we have an overnight experience for the campers. They will get a chance to camp out and practice their scout skills in an epic nighttime adventure.

Skills your child will learn:

  • Patience, stillness, and a sense of peace
  • Mindfulness and awareness skills
  • Sense of comfort in challenging situations
  • Accomplishment of challenging missions
  • Awareness of the big picture and small details
  • Resilience and adaptability to challenges and unexpected changes
  • Decision making, teamwork and leadership skills


Summer 2018 Dates

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Name Ages Location Time Date(s) Price
Scout Tracker Camp 10-14 Newtown 9am-3pm 7/30-8/3 $465
Overnight details: 10-14 Newtown 3pm-9am Thursday 8/2 Included
Scout Tracker Camp 10-14 Granby 9am-3pm 7/9-7/13 $465
Overnight details: 10-14 Granby 3pm-9am Thursday 7/12 Included