Forest Learning Program Testimonials

Two Coyotes has been a life saver for us. It’s given me back my happy, cheerful, enthusiastic kid and I couldn’t be more grateful. The program has been invaluable to my son and our family. It’s our favorite day of the week!

When I see my son come out of the woods at Two Coyotes I see his spirit alive. I see the boy he’s meant to be and all the amazing possibilities that lie ahead. It’s exciting.

Two Coyotes is truly an incredible program. The wealth of knowledge, degrees and expertise possessed by the staff is top notch. Yet everyone is so humble. They are warm, welcoming, patient and nurturing. All the wonderful qualities necessary to empower children to be all they can be. The staff have become like family to us and it’s evident how much they care for my child.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this program and staff. Two Coyotes is the perfect environment to complement what children learn in school and prepare them for life. My son’s soul dances at Two Coyotes. And there’s a level of acceptance that’s unparalleled elsewhere.

Mom to Zackary