Adult Programs

There are no Adult Programs scheduled at the moment.

Email us at to let us know what topics you may be interested in. Read below for previous programs offered.


Kindling the Village Fire

Fire is one of the most magical elements.  Learn how to spin fire from sticks and make your own friction fire bowdrill kit.  Over the course of the village day we will also make birch tea and cook bread on a stick over the fire, learn fire songs and hear about stories of the magical origin of fire.  Bring lunch and snacks, water, carving or pocket knives, a blanket to sit on or a camp chair, warm layered clothing and a note book.  Children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.  This class will involve focused learning and hand work with a knife that may not be suitable for all children.  Come celebrate fire with us!


Wild Basketry Workshop

We will join as a village to learn and create a beautiful primitive vessel from natural materials, in a gorgeous setting.  During the workshop we will discuss how to identify, harvest, and prepare a variety of local materials and then use them to create a one of a kind basket.  We will also make delicious wild tea and enjoy it along with delicious, homemade baked goods over a campfire.  We will work on our laps, so please bring a camp chair if you are not comfortable sitting on the ground.  There is a 5-10 minute walk on a groomed trail to our workspace in the forest.  A shuttle is available if you need assistance.  Everyone will leave with a basket, the skills to create more pieces in the future, and inspiration to explore your local landscape.  Bring a camp chair, water, lunch, snacks, layered clothing.  Recommended but not required, please bring needle-nosed pliers, scissors, insect repellent, sunscreen, camp table, notebook and pen.