Donate Now

Children are our most precious gift.  As humans, nature connection and mentoring are our birthright.  Yet so many are growing up without these essential foundations.  With your tax deductible donation you can help children to reclaim these timeless ways and help create a life-affirming legacy for the future generations.



Here are some of the ways your donations make an impact:

  • $10 Purchase a knife or flint and steel for our programs
  • $50 Purchase tarps, rope, and cooking supplies for our programs
  • $125 Pay for a staff person to be trained in first aid and CPR
  • $365 Send a child to camp
  • $500 Pay for a bus to bring a school group to a local park
  • $750 Pay one of our lead mentors for 5 days of programming
  • $3,650 Send 10 Children to camp
  • $6,000 Become a major funding partner for a 8-day urban school collaboration




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