Program Mentors

We believe that every person has a unique gift to share with the world. To find our gift each of us goes on a heroic journey within.  A mentor is like a guide that is essential to bringing out our most sacred gifts.  We call our teaching staff mentors because they help people to discover their gifts and power through connecting them to nature and their heart.


Site Managers

Karianna Rosenberg

Karianna is a lifelong student of nature, a dance anthropologist, an artist, a bilingual storyteller, an outdoor educator, a cultural creative, and transformational workshop facilitator. Her deep connection and love of nature and passion to help others discover their own connection with the earth, themselves, and others, began with her growing up on a small family farm surrounded by a Connecticut state forest.

Karianna holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology, with a Minor in Spanish, focusing on Dance Anthropology and Dance History. She earned an MA in Teaching Spanish and English as second languages, with a Bilingual Multicultural Endorsement from the School for International Training. She is also certified in Wilderness First Aid.

In her spare time, Karianna enjoys social dancing, especially swing and Argentine tango, writing poetry, playing fiddle/violin, spending time with family and friends and being out in nature.


Jessica Sulkowski

Jessica Sulkowski graduated from UCONN with a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology as well as a M.S. in Conservation Biology and Biodiversity. When she’s not with Two Coyotes Wilderness School, Jessica is at the Ansonia Nature Center, where she works to rehabilitate wildlife as well as teaches environmental education programs. Jessica has a profound love for both teaching and wild animals. Her driving force in life is to foster love and connection with the environment so the wild lands we so deeply enjoy will be preserved for many generations to come.

Lead Mentors

Christine Alexander

Christine was born in Tarrytown, NY but has lived all over. She has always been enamored by the outdoors. Christine spent her childhood climbing trees, digging holes in the mud, and befriending animals (much to her parents chagrin!)  Christine went to NYU where she received a BA in Individualized Study in ‘Creativity and the Search for Meaning’. Eventually, she took an interest in conservation education which led her to work at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Austin, TX. There, Christine spent three years teaching people about the environment, identifying plants, and explaining the local eco-system while ziplining through an old growth cypress tree forest. When she moved back to Connecticut, and found Two Coyotes she knew she had to get involved! Christine has worked with Two Coyotes for two years and has learned and grown so much in that time.  She has two dogs, loves to write and tell stories, is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor, holds a certificate in Green Medicine from the Open Center, is a Reiki healer, and is currently going back to school for an MA in Mental Health Counseling. In her free time, Christine likes to travel and is attempting to backpack through all the major national parks.


Scott Baker

Since the age of 14, Scott has been immersed in the natural world through the magic and culture of Two Coyotes. Beginning his journey with the school as a Summer camp student and continuing it with many 8 Shields based nature programs throughout the northeast. He now enjoys the opportunity to teach and pass on a deep appreciation for and knowledge of nature. A lifelong homeschooler, he can be found in his natural habitat exploring the woods, honing his primitive skills, or playing the steel pan (having formerly been a member of the renowned St. Luke’s Steel Band.)


Andy Dobos

Is an artist and educator specializing in wilderness mentoring, woodcarving and nature skills.    Andy is an amazing artist and craftsman.  He makes a variety of crafts from the forest including custom knives, sheaths, wooden spoons, and bowls, bark containers, custom animal masks and sculpture.  Andy is a trained wildlife tracker and loves spending time in nature.  Andy also organizes an annual nature skills conference called the Cattail Gathering in Litchfield, CT.



Sasha Simone Lehrer

Sasha is a dancer, yoga and structor and lover of life.






Alycia Matchen

Alycia is a mother of two daughters who loves sharing, learning about and cooking or crafting in the great outdoors.  She is a Girl Scout leader, trained paralegal, trained medic, workout enthusiast and gardener.  When she’s not at Two Coyotes, Alycia is most likely working out, tending her chickens and garden or homeschooling her daughters in creative ways.



Aja McCarty

Aja Brings light and love to every project she is involved with.  She runs an urban homestead with her husband, 4 kids and chickens in Simsbury, CT. Aja runs our Pups program in Granby.



Glenn Paskiewiczg

Glenn graduated Southern Connecticut State University in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting. Since 2007 Glenn has worked for various nature centers and wilderness schools teaching wilderness awareness and has volunteered for various children’s programs since 2000. When not teaching he is working on his own business as a wooden spoon carver.



Karen Pettinelli

Karen managed organic vegetable farms for over a decade before discovering the wilderness. She has been working as a mentor for youth in the wilderness now for over two years. Karen is also in the process of getting her masters in social work, and wishes to integrate her work as a social worker with wilderness work in the future.  In addition to exploring nature connection, Karen is also embedded in mindfulness work as a yoga teacher and explorer of mind-body connection practices.


Additional Lead Mentors


David Wloch

Tyler von Oy

Field Mentors

Noel Cherubino

Tammy Gallo

Grant Norton

Julian Serrano

Adelka Polak

And many more

Teen Mentors

Ferrill Gemino

Skylar Norton

Jia Lin  Koh

Callum McCabe

Owen Prevey-Sullivan

Morgan Hastings


Interested in joining our staff team.  Let us know.