Elders are people who have experienced the great joy and the great hardships of life. Through listening, sharing stories and their presence they help to anchor, bless and guide us. They have gained the ability to hold us on our journey and offer us wisdom and truth.





Bob “Bobcat” Caruthers

As a young person and still now Bob finds the woods to be his refuge. When he’s in the woods he feels most alive and most whole. Bob lived in off the grid in a canvas wigwam powered by solar energy for three and a half years.  Bob is a man of service, he is active in many community groups and spends much of his life helping others.  In addition to Two Coyotes, Bob is involved with his local UU church, a bioregional group, and local astronomy club.  Bob, brings a soulful and earned wisdom to our school.  His open heart and deep listening are a gift to everyone who encounter him.

Margie Rosenberg





Billy “Dancing Bear” Fischer

Billy has been involved for many years with Two Coyotes in different roles including elder, volunteer, drumming, dancing, school doctor and advocate in the community.








Jim “Redhawk” Francek

Jim is a grandfather, drummer, fisherman and storyteller.  He is also involved in the Emergency Department at Bridgeport Hospital as a Chaplain.  Jim spends time as an Executive Coach and Group Facilitator at TAVA Full Circle, LLC and is a Minister at Large at Ceremonies without boundaries.





Other Elders

Mike Obsatz

Bob Randall