Our Values



At Two Coyotes our values are what define our work in the world.  This word cloud represents the spirit of what our Two coyotes community holds dear.  Designed at a community gathering, families from our programs, our staff team and elders gathered and shared their values.  These are our collective values and what we are living into the world.

We believe catching frogs, muddy knees and exploring wild places are essential to growing up strong and healthy.  They are our birthright.  Yet they are also sadly disappearing in the lives of children.

At Two Coyotes we believe there is no better way to fall in love with the Earth than feeling mud squish between your toes, or tasting the cool zest of a black birch twig.

We believe every child carries gifts inside them.  At Two Coyotes our mentors help kids understand who they are, what their gifts are and how to bring them to the world.

We are committed to working with your children and family.  We believe long-term nature mentoring can help kids to thrive and navigate through the many years and stages of their life.

At Two Coyotes we create an environment of love, respect and community.  We create places of safety where kids can be who they really are and build the courage to take the great risk of discovering who they are.

We also challenge kids to reassess their beliefs in what they are capable of and hold a high bar for them.  We help them to realize that nothing can stop them from bringing their dreams to life.

At Two Coyotes we grow vibrant, strong, healthy change-makers who love people and the Earth.

We would love for your family to be part of ours.

Welcome to Two Coyotes.